Heaven or Hell?   Which will it be?

New age?   Religion?   Evolution?   Some other hocus pocus?   No matter what you believe,- no matter how sure you are of some other possibility, you will some day end up in one of these two places:

Heaven or Hell ?

If someone has told you that you are saved, and eternally secure, you better read on.   If you are living, you are not saved.   Jesus never said that you must be saved.   He said that you MUST BE BORN AGAIN, OR MORE CORRECTLY, BORN FROM ABOVE!   ( John 3:3,7 )  For more info on being born from above, click here:


The Bible is quite clear on this subject.   Of the verses, that deal with the subject of being saved, most of them ( about 28 ) are in the future tense.   Those two or three, that seem to teach a present day salvation, can be easily explained if one uses the whole Bible.   The only way that you can be saved in the future, when you need to be saved, when you are standing at the edge of hell, or the lake of fire, is to be born-again ( BORN FROM ABOVE as a literal translation of the Greek says ) now, in this present age.

There is an old saying that says," The only sure things in life are death and taxes."   There's also two things that are sure at the end of life,- heaven or hell.

To find out what heaven is like, get your Bible and go to the fourth book of the New Testament, the book of John, chapter 14.   To find out what hell is like, click here:   What is Hell Like?

How do I know?   Because I have spent a lifetime studying the subject.   A number of people have died and gone to hell, then been revived.   Their accounts are frightening.   I have read two of them, and I know that there have been many more proclaimed, or written.

In my study on hell, I first had to determine why I was alive.   I had to determine if I was an accident suspended between accidents, or if in fact there was a purpose to my life.   You think I'm crazy?   Then tell me professor:   You're so smart.   Why are you alive?

After studying the popular theory of the day, evolution, I found out that there is more evidence for Santa Claus, and the tooth fairy, than there is for evolution.   The diagrams in the textbooks are impressive, but that's the only place where you can see them.   They are phony.   There is no fossil record.   The " fossil record " is a phony term that supposed scientists and teachers call billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth.   Nothing has been recorded.   What you can see by looking at the fossils in the rock layers, is that there was a time on the earth when there was a tremendous catastrophe whereby billions of creatures were buried in mud and fossilized.

You can't find the horse series, or the geologic column, or any real fossils of man like apes, or ape like men, anywhere in the world.   There are all sorts of frauds,- Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Java Man, Peking Man, Neanderthal Man, Lucy, etc.   It takes about 20 years for the frauds to be exposed, and another 50 or so years to get the evolutionists to admit the frauds, but they are all frauds.

Maybe that's why they are so anxious to find water on Mars!   Before long the professors will probably be telling us that life came from Mars!

Science is supposedly based upon observation and experiment.   No one has ever observed a change whereby one kind of organism gives birth to another on earth.   Even with the best equipment that our tax dollars can buy, the best scientists in the world have been totally unable to get to square one, when it comes to creating life.   The so called origin of life experiments show us that using sophisticated equipment, it is possible to make a few amino acids and proteins in a laboratory setting.   That is not even close to proving that life could arise naturally.

We are left with the unescapable conclusion that life on earth must have been created by some intellegent force that is far greater than ourselves.   We then must look for information about this intellegent force.

The only religious literature that claims to have this kind of information is that of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.   All three talk of an all powerful Creator that at times is called God.   Each of the three has its own specific name for God.   All speak of a wonderful place after death called heaven, or paradise, and a place of torment, called by a number of names, but commonly called hell.

Christianity claims to be true Judaism thru the worship of the Jewish Messiah, the one usually called Jesus,- God taking on human flesh.   Jesus is taken from a Greek word which means Savior.   The English translation of this word is actually not Jesus, but Savior.   That is also the translation of the Hebrew ( Aramaic ) word Yeshua.

Islam worships the Creator God, but chooses to call Him " Allah ".   Islam stems from the teachings of a man named Mohammed, whom Muslims consider a prophet, who came on the scene about 500 years after Christ.   After reading most of the Quran, I dismissed it as a distortion of Judaism and Christianity.   The hatred which Muslims hold for Jews and Christians, is consistent with the fact that, for all practical purposes. Mohammed rejected both Judaism and Christianity.   The non Christian acts of the crusaders did much to alienate the Muslims.   That is a tragedy.

The debate between Christians and Jews centers on the fact that Judaism is monotheistic, based on the worship of one God only.   Christians believe that their " Trinity " is simply three manifestations of the same God.   Much of the conflict between Christians and Jews is centered on the political ambitions of the various religious leaders.   Whether you agree with it or not, Christianity is an extension of Judaism, and should be recognized as such by both parties.

Savior ( Jesus Christ ) claimed to be the Spirit of God residing in a human body, and did much to demonstrate His authority over creation.   His resurrection from the dead was attested to by over 500 witnesses.   He spoke much of heaven and hell, and our necessity to make the right choices on earth to attain heaven, and avoid the torments of hell.   He said that we must be born again ( from above ) to see the kingdom of God ( understand God's rule )   It is important to note here, that there are many who claim to be born-again, yet they live lives as sinful as pagans.   Don't let these false Christians stop you from seeking the new birth for yourself.   It's a matter of heaven and hell,- and a happy and meaningful life on earth, or a life of misery based upon selfishness.

On the pages of this website, you have the opportunity to learn about the God of the universe, and what it takes to please Him.   You no longer have an excuse!

May God bless you, and your family!

We welcome the opportunity to minister to you.   If your church, cell group, or Bible study, in the Florida panhandle area, needs a Wed. eve. speaker, let us know.   We are in your area.

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